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In 2003Loudi Wenchang Machinery Casting Co., Ltd. was established.

-In 2009

The company started industrial upgrading, introducing high silicon aluminum alloy preparation technology from Beijing Nonferrous Metals Research Institute, reaching cooperation agreement with Loudi Branch of Valeo Group, and launching piston and swashplate R & D work.

-In 2011

It managed to hold 30% stake of Beijing Nonferrous Metals Research Institute, and established Hunan Wenchang Technology Co., Ltd..

-In 2013

It reached cooperation with BYD in the development of scrolls.
It reached cooperation with Chongqing in the development of the rotor.

-In 2014

It cooperated with the Railway Academy of Sciences in developing wheel brake discs.

-In 2016

It was listed in NEEQ, establishing Hunan Wenchang Advanced Materials Technology Co.,Ltd..
It passed the first inspection by the suppliers of China Academy of Railway Sciences and the inspection of initial piecework.

-In 2017

The company was audited by Valeo EVAL and CCL, and reached cooperation with Valeo’s Changchun factory in the development of hollow piston.

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