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Research direction

1、High silicon aluminum semi-solid ingot preparation technology

High silicon aluminum alloy ingot has the advantages of small thermal expansion coefficient, high volume stability and high strength wear-resisting corrosion resistance, which are the first choice materials for the engine system, air-conditioning system and key components of braking system of vehicles. Because the high silicon aluminum alloy solidification latent heat and the crystallization range is wide, it can easily causes the ingot primary silicon tissue coarse, poor morphology and uneven organization, so the preparation is difficult and the domestic industry needs of high silicon aluminum alloy ingot all depends on the import.

In order to break the foreign technology blockade and market monopoly, the Engineering center has developed a high silicon aluminum alloy ingot preparation technology and established a pilot production line with an annual output of 4,000 tons of high silicon aluminum semi-solid ingots, the preparation of the semi-solid ingot of high silicon aluminum alloy was realized. The main techno-economic index of the ingot reached or surpassed the technical requirements of foreign similar products, which has been a large-scale substitution of imports and used in many automobile air conditioner manufacturer.

2、Semi-solid precision forming technology for high-end auto parts

Semi-solid thixotropic precision forming technology is a process method to reheat the Semi-solid blanks to semi-solid temperature for forming by a special treatment, compared with the ordinary processing method it has the unique advantages of less defects, high mechanical properties, long mold life, near to the final shape, high material utilization ratio and can forming complex parts.

The engineering center has been committed to the research and development of semi-solid precision forming technology. It has developed semi-solid precision forming technology and equipment for high-end auto parts and has completed a production line of semi-solid precision forming for automotive air-conditioning parts. The plate, piston, scroll, rotor and other high-end parts have been used in bulk and received favorable comment in the domestic industry.

3、Particle reinforced aluminum matrix composite preparation technology

Silicon carbide particle reinforced aluminum matrix composite has the advantages of high specific strength, high rigidity, wear resistance, low thermal expansion and excellent shock absorption and dimensional stability, it is the ideal material for the lightweight of key components in aerospace and automobile manufacturing.. However, the high cost of preparation has been hindering its large-scale promotion and application.

Since the construction of the Engineering Center, it has been committed to the development and application of low cost preparation technology of silicon carbide particles reinforced aluminum composite materials, and has overcome the preparation technology of SIC particles reinforced aluminum composite materials and high-end complex parts forming technology, achieved the low cost of silicon carbide particles aluminum composite materials and parts, completed the production line with an annual output of 10,000 pieces of sic particle reinforced aluminum composite wheel brake discs and achieved a small batch trial production, the product performance higher than the advanced level of similar foreign products.

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