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Research results

The Engineering Center always sets aluminum alloy semi-solid forming technology as the core research basis and unceasingly develops the research field, adheres to the research features of that integrates material, technology, equipment and parts into one, focuses on development model of application,research, pilot test and industrialization. Meanwhile, it carries out a large number of creative research work and made many research results.

For example, it undertakes 6 municipal science and technology projects, including 2 provincial and ministerial level projects. It once won the second prize of Beijing Science and Technology Invention, and 2 Gold Awards by China International New Materials Industry Fair. It has won 13 national patent authorizations, including 3 invention patents, and laid down 2 sets of technical standards of enterprise.

It not only developed key technologies of preparing high silicon aluminum semi-solid ingots, but also achieved product industrialization. The product has been massively supplied on market, and become large-scale alternatives of imports. It has achieved localization, and broken the foreign blockade and market monopoly of China in technology, receiving favorable comment in domestic and foreign markets.

It has developed integrated forming technology of preparing particle reinforced aluminum composite materials and parts, developed low cost of semi-solid mixing casting technology for wheel brake disc, which broken the technology blockade to China from the Western developed countries such as German and achieved the rail transit key components to replace imports and its localization.

It has developed semi-solid forming technology for high-end parts of automotive air conditioner and achieved industrialization. Automotive air-conditioning swash plate, piston, scroll and other high-end parts have been massively supplied on the market and received a greater response in domestic and foreign markets.

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