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  • Product Name: Piston

Mechanical behavior
Brinell hardness:≥HRB70,
Tensile strength: ≥280mpa.

  The company adopts semi-solid thixoforming technology for the production of automotive air conditioning compressor swashplate and piston, which have passed 1020 hour durability test and whose performance indicators have reached or exceeded the level of imported products in Korea and Japan. With an existing production capacity that amounts to about 40,000 pieces per day, the company has supplied to many OEMs products in large quantities. In addition, The Company usually designs working allowance of semi-finished product pieces based on based on different customer’s different requirements of processing methods, thus effectively reducing the knife damage and reducing processing costs. Be it in quality, cost or delivery cycle, it can completely replace the existing imported products. (The semi-solid materials and semi-solid thixoforming technology has the following advantages: good product density, uniform organization, no pores, no trachoma, good consistency of appearance, and high rate of good products.)

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