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  • Product Name: 4032 extrusion bar slices

Mechanical behavior
Elongation: ≥10%
Brinell hardness: 65-80HB
Tensile strength: 200-320MPa


Alloy grades alloy element% Other elements Al
Si Fe Cu Zn Mg Cr Ni Each total Minimum value
4032 11.0~13.5 ≤1.0 0.5~1.3 ≤0.25 0.8~1.3 ≤0.10 0.5~1.3 ≤0.05 ≤0.15 margin

main models: Ø(25.5、26.5、28.5、30、32、34)mm

Small linear expansion coefficient, good thermal stability, high strength, high wear resistance, light weight;

Used for the preparation of static and dynamic disk and piston of automotive air conditioning compressor, engine piston and so on.

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